WOMEN’S HEALTH: What Do Your Lips Say About You?

april-_3-wh.jpgNext to your eyes, your lips are the most expressive facial feature you have. What can you do to keep them in good shape as an expression of good women’s health?

Did you know that large lips and eyes are directly linked to higher estrogen levels, and that higher estrogen levels are directly linked to attractiveness in females? Take Angelina Jolie, for example. With her very large lips and eyes, she is the modern day epitome of feminine beauty. What this is actually signaling to men is that she is ‘fertile’ — that she is likely to have healthy babies. Interesting that it can all come down to biology, no? Even more interesting is that it is true — that her full lips and large eyes indicate her high estrogen levels, and thus, her fertility. Signs of fertility have always been an indication of a woman’s health — as you age, it’s important to care for your lips, as loss of menstruation does not also mean that you have to look less fertile!

Obviously, the whole reason behind lipstick is to accentuate the lips — to give life to the face and bring out your feminine side — even though you may be holding down two jobs, giving orders, and carrying fifty-pound loads! Also, why not complement the rosy glow of a hot flash?

The purpose of lip balm is to protect the lips. Facial skin is usually around sixteen layers thick. The skin on your lips is much thinner — just three to five layers deep. The red color of lips comes from the blood vessels beneath the skin that actually show through due to the lips’ thin skin. Besides being thinner, the skin of the lips lacks both sebaceous glands and sweat glands. The lips, then, are more prone to damage from the usual environmental hazards to skin like dry air, sun and wind. Damaged, dry lips are not healthy or attractive!

If needed, protect your lips with a lip balm containing nutrients like vitamins A and E, and with a sunscreen of at least 15 SPF. The health and beauty of lips and what they say about women’s health can be maintained!

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