WOMEN’S HEALTH: Topical Help for the Skin

istock_000005144583xsmall.jpgHow do nutrient containing creams and soaps help your skin? There are a number of products that can improve your appearance while also contributing to general women’s health.

Obviously, the appearance of your skin reflects your internal health. However if you’re like most women, you’re also trying to give your skin an external boost. You’ve probably been hearing a lot about skin care products containing ‘nourishment’ for the skin, and you’re very likely to be using one! This has become all the rage over the past ten or so years. Beauty goes hand in hand with health. Good women’s health, together with some topical boosters, can give you beautiful, strong and resilient skin.

It was rumored that Jennifer Lopez used to pay thousands of dollars per ‘placenta treatment’ for her skin. Nowadays, you don’t have to do that. Creams containing placenta, usually with collagen, are widely available at reasonable prices, that is, what you would expect to pay for a skin care supplement of decent quality.

How do creams containing placenta help the skin?

Placentol is the term used to describe placenta extract. It is now used in skin care preparations based on its ‘bioactivity’. When a substance is labeled as ‘bioactive’, it means that it has an effect on the cells it contacts. In the case of placentol, the effect created is that of increased blood and therefore oxygen flow to the skin cells. This increase results in more nutrient exchange and therefore healthier skin. Just like with exercise, it basically comes down to action. Anytime there is more healthy action that increases circulation and flow, there is improved health and appearance. Toxins and waste products are carried away more efficiently, and nutrients are more effectively delivered. Get more action in your skin with placentol.

Placentol may be aided by collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin, giving it firmness and suppleness. As we age, our collagen levels decline. Creams containing collagen may lend collagen and help with this decreasing factor, plumping the skin back up.

Vitamin E applied topically can also be of benefit. Studies have suggested that topical preparations of vitamin E make the skin less rough, decrease the length of wrinkle lines, and reduce wrinkle depth. A vitamin E soap would likely leave a residue of vitamin E, coating the skin and providing these benefits.

In addition to the improvement of your physical health, in your quest to enhance the appearance of your skin you may want to try a vitamin E soap, complemented by a moisturizing cream containing placenta and collagen.

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