Why Isn’t My Brain Working?

By Dr. Neal Springer


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Millions of people worldwide suffer from the earliest symptoms and signs of brain-degeneration.  They may not even be aware of the symptoms. It is possible to spot brain degeneration and stop it before it’s too late.

Not sure if you, or a loved one, has the symptoms? Start with a few simple questions:

  • Do you forget things you used to know?
  • Do you have difficulty concentrating?
  • Do you have brain fog or tire easily?
  • Have you lost your zest for life or motivation?
  • Do people tell you this is all a normal part of aging?

Or take this Quick Brain test.

Quick Brain Test Nutritional helper>>

There has been an influx of cutting-edge scientific research for safe, simple, and truly effective solutions to declining brain function.  If there is a problem, this book will help you understand how to fix your brain:

Don’t waste another day wondering why your brain isn’t working. Learn what you can and should do about it. Read the book and apply all the key steps!


Brain inflammation can destroy brain tissue, just as chronic joint inflammation can destroy joint tissue, leading to joint deformity, stiffness, and pain.  If your brain is not working as well as it should you may be suffering from brain inflammation. This can be serious, as brain inflammation is associated with significant risk for various degenerative brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

The good news is the brain is extremely adaptable and wants to get well. You simply have to know how to feed and care for your brain. With simple diet and lifestyle changes and sound nutritional therapy it is possible to profoundly impact your brain health and improve your quality of life.   Taking the right anti-oxidants can make a significant difference.

Even if you don’t have brain inflammation, taking antioxidants and certain natural plant-based vitamins can protect your brain, just as taking certain antioxidants can protect your heart.

Here are the 4 best nutritional supplements we recommend to support brain health:

  1. NEURO O2– – Supports healthy circulation and blood flow to the brain.
  2.  NEUROFLAM– Support Neuron health especially during Brain Fog
  3. ACETYL-CH– Memory Lapses, Calculation problems, decreased arousal, impaired creativity, diminished comprehension, and impaired judgment are others
  4. Phyto Brain-E – Most Concentrated form of Omega 3 support-DHA to EPA (24:1)   DHA is the key ingredient in fish oils necessary for brain support.


Dr. Neal Springer specializes in brain, thyroid and auto-immune diseases.  For more information visit his website http://MyVites.com


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