Daily Aspirin May be Risky Health Choice

Risk of taking aspirin


We’ve been told for years that an aspirin a day could be just what we need to keep our heart healthy.  Now a new study says the risk of side effects may not make this the best health choice.

Published in the National Institute for Health Research, the study claims a “fine balance” exists between daily aspirin regimens and an overall reduction in Cardiovascular Disease for people who are otherwise healthy.

The research team culled 2,572 potentially relevant papers — using 27 that fit their strict criteria — and arrived at a conclusion that only weakly favored the regimens as beneficial.

“The risks are finely balanced and for now there is not the evidence to advise people to take it,” study leader Prof. Aileen Clarke told the BBC. “It would be lovely to say over-50s should take an aspirin a day and have much less cancer, but the research hasn’t yet been done and we should be cautious.”

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