MEN’S HEALTH: Spring Forward to a More Active Lifestyle! Part 2 of 2 Parts

mh-6.jpgIn Part 1, we covered the importance of youthful movement to stay feeling young. Now we’ll review more movements that will help you accomplish this. Part 2 of 2 parts.

We know that men’s health depends upon physical movement to stay youthful, avoid fatigue, heart disease, osteoporosis and depression. These seven additional youthful movements, coupled with an anti-aging diet and the right supplements, can increase vitality, mobility and longevity.


To supplement walking, or if weather keeps you inside, squats are an excellent fitness builder. Find a sturdy dining room chair. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Extend your derrière as though you’re going to sit down. The moment your buttocks touch the chair edge, stand back up. Easy, right? Now do it 20-50 times!

When you’ve built up your strength, do them with a 5- or 10-pound weight in each hand. No weights handy? Fill plastic gallon milk jugs with water. Hold one in each hand as you squat. Use good form — head up, back straight, low back arched with buttocks out to avoid straining your lower back.

Kick Backs

With that chair still handy from your squats, stand behind it, holding the top for support. Extend one leg back, the way a donkey would kick — ten times with one leg, then switch to the other. Eventually, you can add ankle weights to increase resistance.

Side Kicks

Standing straight, hands on the chair back, bring one leg up and out to the side as far as comfortable. Ten times, then switch. It’s tough at first, but this strengthens the buttock muscles. Soon you’ll be ready for the ballet!


Stand beside a wall or chair back, and use one hand for balance. Take a large step forward (forward knee bent 90 degrees), taking a deep lunge like a fencer. Return to the starting position and alternate legs. Begin with a shallow lunge, slowly going deeper as strength and flexibility allows.


If out of practice, begin doing a push-up by leaning forward against a counter, or start on the floor, body straight, but with only knees and hands touching the floor.

Later, try standard ones from the toes, body rigid. Do sets of ten, then rest and do ten more. Stop when fatigued.

Shoulder Presses

Sit on a chair, holding a book with both hands. Lift it past your chin until straight above your head. Eventually, use 5- to10-pound weights in each hand. The weight’s not as important as the repetitions. Do multiple sets of ten repetitions.

Abdominal Crunches

Strengthening ‘core’ muscles keeps your stomach flat. Lay on the floor (or bed), feet flat, knees bent, hands gently supporting your head. Without pulling your neck, slowly curl the chin to the chest and raise your shoulders off the floor, trying to get your nose into your navel. Do NOT lift your entire torso. Avoid full ‘sit-ups’ taught in grade school. Curl in, hold it one second, then lower back down. Repeat in sets of ten.

Youthful movement performed daily, coupled with adequate rest and a good multivitamin, coenzyme Q10, Omega-3 fish oils, calcium/magnesium and glucosamine/chondroitin with MSM are the keys to longevity and optimal men’s health.

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