MEN’S HEALTH: Need to Clear Your Head?

mh-17part.jpgThere are nutrients that can help your mental alertness and contribute to your overall men’s health and wellness.

All of us have hundreds of billions of nerve cells in our brains (yes, even your brother-in-law!). We have trillions of cells in our bodies. And they all communicate. Ever wonder how? They are all surrounded by a thin membrane made of fats (phospholipids) that actively interact with their surroundings. “Big deal,” you say. Yest, to maintain men’s health, it is!

If you spread out all the membranes covering just the cells in your liver, they would cover over four and a half football fields — 300,000 square feet of surface area used to detoxify your blood.

Each eye has a retina that responds to light because it has 100 million photoreceptor cells. Every one of those cells has 140 million light-reacting molecules of rhodopsin (a protein necessary for vision), just waiting for a photon to strike it. Where’s the rhodopsin? Lining the lipid membrane of the cells.

There are billions of nerves in your brain, signaling each other continuously by electrical charges that pass down the nerve cell membranes. Your brain is the most complex and sophisticated part of your body — and also one of the most vulnerable. What can you do to be kind to your brain (and by extension, all your cells)? Feed the membranes what they need to work well, instead of waiting for them to dysfunction.

The nerves need certain nutrients to effectively make those lipid-layered membranes integral to life. Phosphatidyl-serine (PS) and phosphatidyl-choline (PC) make up those membrane layers. PS and PC are brain food! DHA is an omega-3 fat that also helps your brain work better and keep your mood stable. All three can aid memory.

PS and PC are effective and safe because they’re so deeply integrated into your natural biochemistry. There are thousands of papers on the benefits of PS, PC and DHA. These show that PS and PC:

  • Reverse some of the memory decline typically experienced by those over 50
  • Improve sociability and personality in some folks with ‘severe cognitive impairment’ (such as found with senile dementia or Alzheimer’s disease)
  • Restore up to fourteen year’s worth of memory function in people with unusually advanced memory decline
  • Increase attention, concentration and behavior in children with attention deficits

It is wise to ‘rebuild your circuits‘ before memory problems become unmanageable, to ensure that you maintain the clear thinking vital to men’s health with a holistic, natural approach to brain regeneration and maintenance.

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