MEN’S HEALTH: Coenzyme Q10 — A Life-Saving Nutrient

mh-article-1.jpgCoenzyme Q10 is a vital nutrient for anyone taking cholesterol medications. Without this supplement, cholesterol drugs can create more problems than they solve.

One of the most important issues for men’s health in recent years has been maintaining a healthy heart. It is just as much of an issue for women’s health, as women die far more frequently from heart attacks than breast cancer. Over twelve million Americans are currently taking anti-cholesterol drugs called statins. Their usefulness in reducing cholesterol levels has been recognized, but their value in lowering overall death rates has recently been questioned. Surprisingly, one of the side effects of statin drugs can be increased deaths from cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal beating of the heart).

It has long been known that statin drugs inhibit the formation of an important nutrient — Co-enzyme Q10 (or Co Q10). This enzyme is a key part of the metabolic cycle which allows each cell to produce energy. Our overall energy levels are dependent upon the energy produced in each of the cell of our bodies. Lack of adequate levels of this nutrient can create feelings of generalized fatigue, which is often misdiagnosed or wrongfully attributed to ‘aging.’

Depleted levels of Co Q10 are very common among those who take statin drugs. Inadequate amounts of this nutrient particularly affect the muscle cells in the heart, causing dangerous alterations in its rhythm. Cardiac arrhythmias can induce clots, leading to heart attacks as they block the vessels supplying the heart. If such a clot travels to the brain, it can result in a stroke, one of the other leading causes of death in America. Since most medical doctors have little or no training in nutrition, this issue can be easily overlooked and just as easily avoided.

Everyone can benefit from taking Co Q10 to increase their overall energy and endurance. Consumption of Co Q10 may increase stamina in athletes, help young mothers keep up with their children, but it is vital for anyone taking cholesterol medications to be supplementing with this nutrient on a daily basis.

To ensure a longer, healthier life by supporting good cardiac function as well as energy throughout the body, Co Q10 should be part of all mature women’s and men’s health programs.

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