MEN’S HEALTH: A Health Panacea?

mh-16.jpgCan there be one natural health nutrient that does it all (or almost all)?

If is one supplement that can almost be considered a panacea (a universal cure for all things), it is omega-3 fats (fish oils). There are many omega-3 fatty acids, but the best known and impactful are EPA and DHA, which come from cold-water fish oils (like salmon). They affect almost every system in the body and improve nearly all aspects of men’s health.

EPA and DHA are present in every cell membrane (the surface that contains all the cell’s contents and actively determines what goes in and out of the cell). EPA and DHA form the building blocks of numerous vital substances in the body, and a large portion of the brain itself is made of DHA. It is in highest concentrations in the brain, the eye’s retina, and sperm cells. EPA and DHA also form the basis of larger molecules vital to the growth and renewal of endless cells and functions throughout our body.

DHA remains necessary throughout our life for memory, learning and mood stability. There many studies on how DHA can relieve symptoms of depression as well as, or better than, most anti-depressant drugs. Our brains just don’t work well without enough DHA.

Middle-aged men who have higher levels of EPA and DHA have been shown to have lower risks for heart attacks and strokes, and can even aid in slowing the progress of senile dementia in its early stages. They also:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce inflammation in the joints
  • Improve the resilience of your skin
  • Reduce the incidence of autoimmune disorders and cancers

How much EPA/DHA do you need? Sadly, the typical western diet only gets about 100 mg of EPA/DHA a day. Healthy adults should take ten times that (1,000 mg, or 1 gram), heart attack survivors should have 2-4 grams a day, and for people with mood disorders, 8-10 grams are recommended.

Along with exercise and a good multivitamin, EPA and DHA are some of the best possible additions to improving men’s health.

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