Cruising Europe by Train

venice simplon

If you’re heading to Europe this summer, consider taking the train. Trains have a special allure – viewing an ever-changing landscape from the comfort of your seat is a very civilized way to travel. The journey itself can be an experience – what you see from your seat is as much part of the holiday as arriving at the destination.

Here are two ideas for train travel in Europe.


Eurostar.  Board at St Pancras International Station in London and travel to Paris  or Brussels. The highest class of Eurostar travel available for leisure customers is Standard Premier Class.  Here the seats are larger and you have ample space to relax and stretch out. As part of the service you’ll enjoy complimentary drinks and refreshments, served at your seat by friendly, helpful waiting staff.  Once in France take the TGV ( Train de Grand Vitesse) and head south to Provence.  Enjoy the idyllic French countryside untouched by time.


Orient Express

The Venice-Simplon Orient Express. Take a step back in time.  Enter a world of romance, indulgence and adventure. Board your first class Eurostar train in London, spend a day in Paris and then travel across the Alps into Italy. Stop off in Milan and finally arrive in Venice – the most beguiling of cities.


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