Interior Design Trends for Boomers

Boomers today are a far cry from the retirees of yesteryear.  That image of spending your retirement sitting in a rocking chair doesn’t cut it with the lively, active over 6o crowd.  They’re well-traveled, tech-savvy, and affluent and they demand a living space that complements their lifestyle.

5 Boomer Design Trends

Community living: While many seniors do like to live in a community that has support and recreational features, they don’t want to live in a themed village where every home has a similar design.

Fluid Spaces: The ASID 2019 Outlook and State of Interior Design highlighted the need for spaces that can be changed and used for different purposes.  “The traditional family household model is being replaced by more fluid, variable configurations based on lifestyle and social identity,”  says the report.

Lighting:  Many Boomers find they need more light to see clearly.  large windows that let in natural light and discreet light fittings that illuminate spaces well make all the difference.

homw windows

Low maintenance:  These active over-60s are often on the go and they’re looking for homes that are easy to care for. They still want the appeal of a good design but it has to come with easy-to-clean surfaces, central vacuums, and easy-to-maintain gardens.

kitchen boomers

Smart Homes: technology companies are tapping into this market and providing all kinds of devices to keep Boomers safe and aging in place.  These devices range from home security to voice-activated assistants and medical devices, as well as virtual reality apps to help combat loneliness and boredom for those stuck at home.



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