Your Garden Can Be a Refuge Right Now

One positive way to pass the time during this social distancing period is to spend time in your garden.  I recently saw an amusing post on Facebook that said, “Today I’m traveling to Puerto Backyardo.”

Here are 10 things you can do to improve your backyard and make it an enjoyable staycation venue for your family.

1.  Plan some colorful flowering plants so you can enjoy the benefit of the mood-enhancing beauty.


Now’s the perfect time to plant crocuses.  You can put them in containers on at the front of a border or along the edge or your lawn.  They like well-drained soil with a partial to full sun location. And they’re a boon to bees who appreciate their nectar.  Plant the bulbs in groups, just three inches deep and 2-3 inches apart.

2.  Create a herb garden

herb garden

You can make a herb garden in many ways – a raised bed with a free-draining soil blend or in pots if your yard soil is not the best. Herbs require rich, well-draining soil in a sunny space free from competing trees and shrubs. If you choose a raised bed, fill it with Miracle-Gro Raised Bed Soil, which is just the right texture and weight for your herb garden

Choose the herbs you like or use the most.  Or start with the classic culinary collection, like Herbes de Provence (rosemary, sage, thyme, and oregano.) Lemongrass would be a good choice too.

3.  Plant a vegetable garden

vegetable garden

Now that going to the grocery store is an adventure and could be a health risk, imagine having all your veges right at your fingertips in your own backyard.  Here’s a useful video that will walk you through how to start a raised bed vegetable garden.


Take this time at home to create a backyard that can sustain you and your family not only physically, but also mentally.


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