Supplements Ease Pain and Fatigue For Cancer Patients

aa-16.jpgAnti-aging supplements, the kind we use every day, are helping cancer patients deal with the grinding pain and fatigue caused by both the disease and its chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

A new study by a leading cancer hospital lends credence to what many people already know: the grinding pain and fatigue caused both by the disease itself and debilitating chemotherapy and radiation treatments can be significantly lessened by using the same natural anti-aging supplements that many of us have already added to our diets.

The results of the six-month study, carried out with fifty cancer patients by Cancer Treatment Centers of America, showed how those taking one or more natural products reported a significant reduction in pain and fatigue compared to those not taking any.

The natural anti-aging supplements used in the study included easily-obtainable and inexpensive supplements, such as green tea extract, melatonin (a hormone that helps normalize sleep cycles) and high-potency multivitamins with at least 1,000 mg of vitamin C and 400 IU of vitamin E.

The study results were announced at the annual Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium, cosponsored by the American Society of Clinical Oncology and three other leading cancer care organizations. This means that anti-aging supplements have received official acceptance as a treatment modality by many professional cancer treatment professionals.

We all know, and some of us even fear, that the older we get, the greater our chances of developing ‘the big C.’ While research continues into better prevention and even a cure, we need to deal with the here and now — and that’s the chronic pain and crippling fatigue of cancer and cancer treatments.

The results of the study are considered important because even with modern drugs, pain and fatigue, “seriously impair quality of life and can be hard to treat,” according to Dr. Timothy Birdsall, the hospital’s vice-president for integrative medicine. These natural anti-aging supplements reduce the side effects of treatments, allow patients to sleep better, and lower the levels of the biochemicals that produce pain and fatigue in our bodies, Dr. Birdsall said.

Most of us know someone who either has cancer and is receiving treatment, or has survived the disease but may need to return some day for follow-up treatments. It isn’t a cure, but with this new stamp of approval among some in the medical community, it should become a more acceptable adjunct to therapy even by the more conservative doctors. Cancer patients themselves are usually wide open to any safe, effective method of easing the pain and misery of the disease and its treatments. According to the study results, those battling cancer should add good anti-aging supplements like green tea, vitamins C and E, and melatonin to their pain-relief regimen.

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