Spring Fever

vt-article-4.jpgNow is the time to strengthen your immune system, provide adrenal support and review the best vitamins and supplements for spring.

For many of us, spring is the best time of year — cool breezes in the warm sun, tiny buds of pale green grass sprouting through the brown winter stubble, spring rains bringing flowers to life. But for someone with allergies, spring is anything but a joyous experience. While others eagerly inhale the fresh spring air, allergy sufferers cope with runny noses, sneezing, and itchy throats and eyes as they make their way to the drug store, looking for something to relieve their spring fever.

Fortunately, although spring is just around the corner, it’s not here quite yet, and it’s not too late to starting fortifying your body against the spring onslaught.

How can you reduce the affects of allergies? Your best approach is a three-pronged attack:

  • Provide adrenal support and strengthen your immune system. Although that might sound like two different processes they are, in fact, closely related. Here’s how it works. When the body is under physical stress — allergies are just one example — the adrenals, two little walnut-shaped glands just above each kidney, increase the production of adrenaline to help you combat the perceived danger. To do this, the adrenals use up their stores of vitamin C which, in turn, weakens the immune system. The over-exertion also makes you feel tired — which is often the cause of the spring fever lassitude. The remedy: bump up your vitamin C intake and your spring fever is bound to cool down. Make sure the product you use includes quercitin and other bioflavonoids so you get the whole vitamin C complex rather than just ascorbic acid.
  • Help your body detoxify by taking N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). Cysteine, an amino acid, helps the body get rid of harmful chemicals and other substances — including those causing your allergic reaction. The runny nose and watery eyes are caused by the body trying to expel these toxins — do what you can to help things along.
  • Flush the sinuses. Nasal cleansing — known as Neti — has been widely practiced in India for hundreds of years. The nasal passages are actually complex filter systems designed to keep unwanted substances out of the body. If they’re clogged with pollen, dust, pollution and chemicals, they can’t do their job. Keeping the passages clean allows the filter mechanism to work. How do you neti? Prepare a mixture of warm water and salt in a “neti pot.” Inhale the mixture through one nostril, and it comes out the other. Sounds uncomfortable, I know, but it’s surprisingly easy.

Of course, if your spring fever allergy symptoms are terribly strong and uncomfortable, you can always take diphenhydramine dydrochloride for allergy relief. But if you start early enough on a regimen of vitamin C with quercitin, NAC and daily neti, you may find that the only spring fever you suffer from this season is a burning desire to take advantage of all spring has to offer.

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