Skin Care Creams Don’t Have to Be Expensive to Help

aa-5.jpgNew anti-aging creams, lotions and potions promising an end to dry skin and wrinkles are offered every day, but expensive doesn’t necessarily mean effective. There are lower-cost solutions that can do the job.

How many times have you seen an ad or commercial for some incredibly expensive product that promises to change your entire life, and thought: “If I could afford that, I’d buy it right now!” And since the first time you squinted into a mirror and confirmed the dreaded permanent wrinkles, how many times have you wished you could plunk down $125 or more for one of those eensy beensy jars of miracle anti-aging skin care creams?

If you’re like me, you hope wrinkles are a way of saying, “Hey, I’ve been around, buddy. These are character lines, not wrinkles!”

But we all know deep down that if a genie popped out of our skin cream bottle, we’d ask for a baby-smooth complexion.

Some of the claims for the newest crop of ‘next generation’ anti-aging skin care products on the market make some pretty amazing claims — but they carry some pretty amazing prices, too. One was in the news recently that runs $170 for about 1½ liquid ounces. Most of us might think that Hollywood stars swear by these ultra-expensive anti-aging skin care products — after all, they can afford it. And though this may often be true, there are plenty of anti-aging skin care products that are relatively inexpensive that do an excellent job.

Celebrities and expensive anti-aging skin care creams aside, no amount of money can take the place of the sun shining on our skin. And we need the sun on our skin to synthesize Vitamin D. New findings from the Mayo Clinic confirm what alternative health care experts have been saying for decades, that vitamin D helps protect from cancer, and moderate sun exposure doesn’t contribute to skin cancer after all. Also, investigations are under way to see if the very sunscreens we’ve being using to prevent skin cancer are actually contributing to the problem. So we should all get out there — but without getting burned. A healthier skin and body can be our reward.

If you can’t get out in the sun regularly, you should include a good Vitamin D supplement in your diet. It’s also a good idea to use an anti-aging skin care cream that includes vitamins A, E and D, all known to feed, soothe and rejuvenate dry or damaged skin.

Also, don’t overlook one of the oldest and most reliable anti-aging skin care products anywhere, natural aloe vera. Whether you use the pure gel straight from your home-grown plant leaves, or a moisturizing cream or lotion in a jar or bottle, aloe vera is one of nature’s best skin treatments and natural healers. You can even drink pure aloe vera juice to help balance and heal a host of bodily ills.

The bottom line is this: If you’re seeking some help for dry skin and wrinkles, try anti-aging creams and lotions that contain natural ingredients, and that don’t require a movie star’s disposable income.

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