Skin Care Begins Inside, Not Outside! Part 1 of 2 Parts

aa-12.jpgThe right diet and some good anti-aging supplements for the skin can make all the difference in the world, and without resorting to risky injections or surgery . Part 1 of 2 parts.

Nothing shows our age sooner than the condition of our skin. And in the last decade or so, we’ve seen wrinkles win the race to the dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon every time over chronic itching rashes, unsightly birthmarks or the heartbreak of psoriasis – conditions that are not the simple, natural signs of a naturally aging body. This culture of ours that values youthful appearance above all else, has created a whole new industry based entirely on anti-aging skin care and a generation of people with an unhealthy view of what is really important.

Not to denigrate the very real science that is supporting the mostly-female rush for cosmetic surgery, botox injections, intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments and all the other current fads. But these are all after the fact, aren’t they? Remedial medical treatments are all about closing the barn door after the horse ran away.

In other words, instead of setting aside part of our income to repair the car because we back into the fence every time we back out of the driveway, doesn’t it make more sense to learn how to stop hitting the fence? We could save up the cash we’ve been paying the body shop (pun intended) and instead take a refreshing, relaxing, okay, I’ll just say it, anti-aging cruise to the Caribbean, or Cancun, or what the heck — around the world.

And while we’re cruising and schmoozing and taking in the sights, being sure of course to apply our anti-aging skin care sun screen, we could leisurely peruse all the recent science that confirms how diet can help prevent or reduce the effects on our skin of natural aging.

If we just ate a variety of fresh wholesome foods instead of chowing down on chemically-altered processed foods — the dietary equivalent of backing into the fence and paying for repairs — we’d see that anti-aging skin care really begins with what goes into our tummies. And we’d start making an effort at the market to control our evil impulses when we pass the packaged fast foods and frozen dinners, and instead head for the organic section in the produce department.

Let’s face it, we’re getting older every day, and unless and until science comes up with some sort of miracle genetic solution, we are going to get some wrinkles! We shouldn’t be running off to the surgeon every time we see a new one, we should be stocking up on nourishing anti-aging skin care products and putting fresh and nutritious foods into our fridge, and into ourselves at meal times.

[Editor’s Note: See Part 2 to find out about the wondrous longevity of the Hunzakuts.]

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