Real Anti-Aging Foods Must Be Organically Grown Without Chemicals

aa-1.jpgDon’t let the food industry’s vested interests fool you. Anti-aging supplements such as selenium and zinc are vital because a toxic environment, chemical-based farming and food processing reduces availability of nutrients in our food.

The simple truth is that the vitamins and minerals you need cannot be gained from today’s corrupted food supply. Nutritional experts around the world insist that the best way to protect our immune systems and add years to our lives is by choosing only natural, organically grown anti-aging foods.

Two extremely important components of building a strong immune system are selenium and zinc, vital trace minerals normally found in soil. In theory, we should get enough of these by eating the right anti-aging foods, including vegetables and meat. The problem is that neither mineral is always sufficiently present in the soil — especially selenium — so we are not assured of getting enough of either one.

Selenium and zinc are needed to produce two powerful anti-aging enzymes in our bodies, glutathione peroxidase (GP) and superoxide dismutase (SOD). If we don’t get enough zinc and selenium, we can’t produce enough of these two vital antioxidant enzymes. GP is a selenium-containing molecule that protects the integrity of cellular and subcellular membranes, an antioxidative protective system that depends heavily on the presence of selenium. SOD is an important antioxidant that defends nearly all cells exposed to oxygen. Because of their antioxidant value, GP and SOD are called ‘anti-aging enzymes’ — they protect and strengthen our immune systems against disease and aging.

Zinc has less bioavailability from vegetables — meaning it cannot be absorbed by our bodies as easily — as it has from animal sources such as beef, lamb, and dark-meat chicken. The white meat of chicken, as well as most fish, are less valuable as anti-aging food sources because they contain smaller amounts of zinc.

As for selenium, that’s another story altogether. Some estimates suggest that as much as two-thirds of the world’s tillable soil is low or completely lacking in selenium because of bad farming practices that include pesticides, herbicides, over-farming and acid rain which deplete or destroy naturally occurring selenium.

We know that modern packaged and processed foods do not and cannot provide all we need, no matter what the government and the food industry try to tell us. There’s plenty of information on the internet about natural and organically grown sources of anti-aging food. And smart people interested in supporting their immune systems always consider anti-aging supplements such as selenium and zinc.

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