Products Abound to Help Us Grow Old Gracefully… and Healthfully

aa-5r.jpgThe science behind anti-aging supplements has come a long way in just one generation, and some say it’s just getting started. What will our kids have to look forward to?

The scientific research aimed at extending the years, perhaps even the decades, that we can enjoy vigorous and healthy lives has been advancing as fast or faster than any other branch of medicine. It seems as though every week we get to read about another breakthrough, and we continually see ads for even more effective anti-aging products.

Just look at the list of sub-sciences involved in researching life extension that may lead to super anti-aging products — pills, potions and daily routines that will either heal age-related problems, or head them off before they ever happen:

  • Molecular medicine
  • Human cloning
  • Stem cell research
  • Human genetics
  • The human genome project, genomics and gene therapy
  • Nanotechnology and nanomedicine
  • Bioengineering and cybernetics

Some of these may sound like science fiction, but they are science fact and represent the most advanced branches of medicine today.

The doctors we grew up with were trained to excel at treating existing conditions — heart attacks, broken bones, all the usual medical problems. Anti-aging specialists can perform these same tasks, but with their multi-disciplinary training in emerging technologies, they are more concerned with preventing the problems of aging before they begin.

In the past decade or so, health care modalities based on prevention and earlier detection have become more commonplace, along with advances in actually reversing some age-related diseases. These new technologies have trickled down to family physicians, who now are far ahead of those of a generation or two ago. Today’s doctors encourage us more urgently than ever to make life-changing and life-extending diet and life style changes to maintain good health.

As for the next generation, some experts are predicting the elimination of at least the most common conditions that plague us as we grow older. And hoped-for breakthroughs in anti-aging products and related sciences could mean that the next generation may be alive and kicking — and working, and dancing, and running marathons — decades longer than anyone today can even imagine.

So what about us? We can start right now to help ourselves to many more years of healthy living by simply incorporating into our daily routines some of the scientific advances that have already been made.

An almost countless choice of anti-aging supplements is available today that, along with proper exercise, good diet and plenty of mental challenges, can help make aging a whole lot healthier, and more enjoyable.

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