ANTI-AGING: Noni Juice Offers Potential Benefits For Many Conditions

aa-april-1.jpgAlthough formal noni juice research is slim to none, anecdotal evidence suggests that this tropical fruit can help with a host of problems associated with aging.

Noni is the Hawaiian name for Morinda citrifolia, a fruit-bearing tree found throughout the tropical Pacific where it has been used for tens of centuries as a native cure-all. Called ach in India, nono in Tahiti, and by as many other names as there are places it grows, people around the world are turning to anti-aging noni juice extracts for improved health.

Extracts of the small, oval fruit with the almost unbearably bitter taste are available to consumers in capsule form, and as a bottled juice, usually mixed with other berry juices to improve the flavor. Noni juice has been cited by health practitioners for addressing so many anti-aging concerns that it’s impossible to list them all. A few of the medicinal uses include digestive problems such as diarrhea, intestinal worms, nausea and food poisoning; respiratory problems such as coughs, chest colds and sore throats — even tuberculosis and cholera.

Noni juice also has been used in the treatment of tumors and broken bones, and in jaundice and other forms of liver disease. It has been used to treat asthma and dysentery, menstrual cramps, gastric ulcers and even diabetes.

Of special interest are its apparent anti-aging properties, such as helping to normalize cardiovascular problems, including high and low blood pressure and hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol), helping ease inflammatory joint problems such as arthritis and gout, and improving the health, elasticity and appearance of skin. In fact, noni juice is used to treat all sorts of skin conditions, from ulcers, abscesses and ringworm to boils, cellulitis and sores of every description. And noni juice is also an effective pain reliever.

Noni juice doesn’t interfere with other supplements or medications, has no side effects, and offers a wealth of potential benefits that are often seen within just a few weeks. These should be enough reasons for anyone to give anti-aging noni juice a try.aa-april-1.jpgaa-april-1.jpg

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