Improve Your Heart Health Odds

hh-april-1.jpgThere are five simple steps you can take to live better, live longer and increase your health and wellness.

Here are five things you can do to improve your odds against getting heart disease:

1. Offset your risks. Risk factors for heart disease include diabetes, smoking, metabolic syndrome, being overweight and a family history of heart disease (HD). Understanding your risk profile can help you develop strategies to best protect you from heart disease. By age 50, annually you should:

  • Have your blood pressure checked.
  • Get a lipid profile (an assessment of blood fats).
  • Actively manage your weight — in other words, change that ‘spare tire’!
  • Alter your diet to include more fish and vegetables.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Avoid other bad habits, like snacking on junk food, for example.

2. Exercise. Numerous clinical studies have shown that getting just moderate-intensity exercise most days of the week really helps. Even thirty minutes of some form of moderate exercise (like fast walking, jogging, tennis, swimming or anything else aerobic) three to four times a week will help to ‘recharge your mental batteries,’ lower your blood sugar, help control your weight and keep your heart healthier.

3. Rest. Make your health a priority. Get to bed earlier. Relax and de-stress with an after-dinner walk (rather than watching TV). Admittedly, making lifestyle modifications like an improved diet, taking supplements, getting enough sleep and exercising do take some time and effort. Everyone says, “I don’t have time.” But, you can either fit it in your schedule, or fit it on your headstone!

4. Take nutrients for your heart. Your heart never stops working, even when you sleep, so give it the nutrients it needs to work well. Omega-3 fish oils like EPA and DHA are an ideal place to start. Take Co Q10 daily, along with vitamin B6, folate, vitamin C, magnesium and vitamin E. Or, for convenience, find a supplement that contains most of these nutrients all together. Your heart will thank you by serving you for many additional years!

5. Get a ‘Health Coach.’ Find someone who knows something about being healthy (and is healthy himself). Nutritionists, chiropractors, and medical doctors are the obvious professionals you could seek out. Find a holistic doctor that can assist you in getting healthy and staying healthy, without just focusing on your ‘conditions.’

Your long-term heart health and general well being are directly related to how much you can incorporate these suggestions. Start now!

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