An Unconventional but Realistic Approach to Heart Disease

hh-16.jpgAn eminent, world-class scientist and an M.D. found the key to unlock the mystery of heart health and disease.

The only person in history to win two Nobel prizes, Linus Pauling was one of the most brilliant scientists of the twentieth century. A visionary, activist and chemist he also started nutrient-based orthomolecular medicine. Working in conjunction with heart health expert, Mattias Rath, M.D., he discovered why human beings suffer from heart disease when virtually no other animals do.

In the 1990s, they promoted mega-nutrient therapies for heart health that did not rely on medications. Although their approach was effective at reversing heart disease and atherosclerosis, they were hounded and denounced by drug companies. Pauling’s theories may have been detrimental to the financial interests of Big-Pharma. He was ridiculed until few have heard of his efforts to eradicate heart disease.

Pauling/Rath’s ‘orthomolecular therapy’ avoids drugs. It eliminates heart disease, not by lowering cholesterol, but by attacking the root cause — eliminating arterial plaques, by removing the substances which form the plaque, which is the real culprit in heart disease. Plaque is not formed by cholesterol, as the media portrays. It is formed from ‘lipoprotein-a’ or Lp(a), which is a variant of LDL cholesterol, deposited only at sites of damaged arterial tissue. Plaques don’t form randomly in vessels, only at sites of stress.

Pauling/Rath blamed specific nutrient deficiencies for the lack of certain proteins at cholesterol binding sites. (A Nobel Prize was awarded for discovering these sites.) Plaques only form after injury to a blood vessel wall, like a protective scab. By strengthening the arteries, the body does not need to form plaques as a response to injury in the vessels. Rapid recovery follows, without adverse effects.

Simplified, the principle is to strengthen the vessels so they don’t ‘crack’ where there’s stress, and to take non-toxic amino acids that bind to Lp(a) so that plaque cannot form. High concentrations of lysine and praline, both amino acids, bind to Lp(a), preventing new LDL ‘glue’ from adhering as they dissolve existing plaques.

Vitamin C is an integral part of collagen formation (the resilient connective tissue that strengthens blood vessels) and is found to be deficient in most people. Those who take lots of vitamin C are known to have much less heart disease. It’s not coincidence. All mammals, except humans, synthesize vitamin C in their own bodies. Some make the equivalent of 10-12,000 mg a day. We can’t. And our modern diets contain very little C.

With adequate C (2-10,000 mg) we make better collagen, so arteries remain strong. With added lysine and proline to bind up the Lp(a), arteries can remain clear of plaque. Brilliant, simple, non-toxic and proven to work.

You can inexpensively maintain hearth health without drugs if you exercise, lose weight, eat better, take vitamin C, fish oils, Co Q10 and amino acid supplements like lysine and proline to live long!

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