Passing on Your Financial Knowledge

April is Financial Literacy Month.  One would think that this recession had opened our eyes to the need to keep our eyes on our finances.  Yet the statistics tell a very different story.

  • The mean financial literacy test score for women with at least a bachelor’s degree is just 47%
  • In 2008, the average score for high school students was at its lowest ever, 48.3%.

According to a 2011 survey by the Council for Economic Education students who had taken financial literacy courses were more likely to go on to save money and pay off a credit card bill in full each month, and less likely to be compulsive buyers, max out credit cards and make late payments.

Here are some articles on how to increase your financial literacy and help the next generation be money-savvy too.

Financial Literacy – what does it mean today?

How to Close the Financial Literacy Gap

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