Five Facts your Investment Counselor Should Know About You

In order to properly advise you and to help you chose the investments that may be most suitable, there are five basic facts your Investment Counselor should know about you before any recommendations are made. This will assist both you and your Investment Counselor in making the right choices.

1. What type of risk taker are you? Investments range in risk from the very conservative to the highly speculative, with an entire range of potential in between. It is critical for your Investment Counselor to know your risk tolerance before making a recommendation. The remainder of these questions, answered fully, will also help assess what kind of risk you can bear.

2. When do you plan to retire? Knowing the answer to this question will allow your Investment Counselor to help you select investments that may be suitable after you retire and no longer have income from employment.

3. What are your hopes for retirement? Does the simple life suit you or do you want to be able to live better than you do now? Do you just want to reside and have activities within your immediate community or travel the world? The full and complete answer to this question will allow your Investment Counselor to help you choose investments consistent with your financial goals and objectives.

4. How important is it to leave assets to your heirs? This is a vitally important question to have answered, as it will not only affect the type of investments selected, but also how your entire investment portfolio is structured.

5. What other assets will you be able to rely upon after retirement? Will you have Social Security, a pension, savings or other benefits? Answering this question will allow your investment counselor to help you choose investments which may assist you in meeting your income goals following retirement.

It is critically important that you are able to make the most of your investment dollars, especially in times of uncertainty. Providing solutions to these and any other related questions may greatly assist in meeting your desired investment objectives.


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