SWOFTIES – the new trend for singles over fifty

Seems many single women over fifty are not quite ready for the twinsets and knitting needles Nana image. Dubbed Swofties – Single Women Over Fifty – hot boomers in London are wearing designer clothes and heading out to the hot night spots.

The London Daily Mail reports that research, commissioned by mature online retailer isme.com, found that:

  • one-fifth of women who’ve reached their half century are wearing sexier outfits than when they were younger
  • around two thirds said being single meant they could wear what they wanted, rather than having to dress to please or appease a husband or partner
  • more than half had enjoyed a date with the opposite sex over the past 12 months
  • one in ten had used internet dating sites to meet men
  • a third said they were enjoying their freedom so much that they were unlikely to settle down again.

Dan Rubel, from isme.com, said the idea that a woman had to accept her age and settle down for a “life of babysitting and bingo” was “a thing of the past”.

And so say we all!

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