Retro Chic: Are the Old Favorites Coming Back?

There’s not much that’s truly new and unique in this world. It might come a surprise to the young that many of the fancy products they so enjoy are based on ideas invented  half a century ago.

Fashion certainly sees trends come and go.  There’s even an economic theory that hemlines can be a predictor of financial health. Harper’s Bazaar recently predicted miniskirts and knee-high boots would make a comeback and this prediction is supported by the BlogHer/Taubman Centers 2013 Style Study.  So if hemlines are going up and we’re headed for a 60s ‘bright colors and short skirts’ revival, what should the stylish over 50 woman wear this fall?

Pleated Skirt

Unless your legs are still in excellent shape keep the hemline just above the knee.

Swing Jacket



Make a bold statement this Fall.









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