My Old Lady


Maggie Smith is a force of nature – and playing this acerbic 90-year old woman living in Paris is a perfect role for her. She is joined by two other stellar talents: Kevin Kline and Kristin Scott-Thomas. (They have three Oscars and five other Oscar nominations among them.)

Kline plays Mathias Gold, a middle-aged, failed writer from New York. He’s n Paris to claim an inheritance he received from his estranged father – an apartment in a chic district of the city complete with a garden. Unfortunately he discovers that the apartment is occupied by two residents who are not going to so easy to get rid of:  Madame Mathilde Girard (Smith) who is 90, and her dowdy 50-something daughter, Chloe (Thomas), who’s involved with a married man.

Gold’s father bought the apartment from Madame Girard and the terms of the sale were that he paid only a small deposit and then paid a monthly fee until she died. As you can imagine this provides for much conflict as the story unfolds.’

AARP describes the film as “funny and fresh”


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