Magic in the Moonlight


This new Woody Allen movie is a quirky, Cary Grant-style  comedy set in France and Germany in 1928.

Stanley Crawford is a world-famous illusionist who performs as Wei Ling Soo, master magician of the Orient. In reality he’s a condescending cad with very little patience for humanity. Colin Firth’s jaunty debonair performance  adds some charisma to the grumpy Crawford, who has made it his life’s work to debunk charlatans.

He is recruited to prove the fraudulence of American clairvoyant Sophie (Emma Stone), who a friend believes is ripping off  a wealthy European family in the South of France. And the game is on.

The scenery is quite beautiful, the costumes and settings lavish and the soundtrack full of exquisite music. Predictably for a Woody Allen movie, Sophie charms Stanley and they fall in live – although he never quite loses that nasty streak.



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