Best Movies of 2014 – Cold in July

If you are a fan of the 80s genre of hard-boiled crime stories, this one is for you.

It’s a pitch-perfect thriller with terrific performances by veteran actors Michael C. Hall as a mild-mannered picture framer who kills an intruder in his home, Sam Shepard as the dead man’s father seeking revenge and Don Johnson as a gravel-voiced P.I.  AARP

Directed with an excellent eye for the visual poetry of noir, this pulpy, southern-fried mystery is a throwback to an older breed of action films; one where every punch and shotgun blast opens up both physical and spiritual wounds. Rotten Tomatoes

The performances are ripe and rich. Hall steals the show, pitching it just right as an emasculated antihero seduced by the dinosaurs of old-school machismo, learning ugly lessons about what it means to walk like a man. The Guardian


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