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Health Tips

Cholesterol Levels Can Be Lowered with a Good Diet and Phytosterols

If high cholesterol is your problem, an anti-aging diet supplemented with phytosterols and plenty of oats and exercise will help you get it under control fast. Phytosterols, also called plant sterols, are phytochemicals — substances naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables. According to many epidemiological studies, phytochemicals significantly reduce the […]

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Health Tips

Supplements May Reduce Alzheimer’s Symptoms and Risk Factors

An anti-aging diet low in saturated animal fats and high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, remains the most potent weapon in the war on dementia and Alzheimer’s. While science searches for genetic and other possible risk factors, several important international studies show that almost anyone can reduce their chances […]

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Kerala’s Enchanted Waterways

Kerala’s Enchanted Waterways

It is claimed that Kerala is the third most popular destination in the world. It has something special to woo every visitor— from lush green forests, beautiful blue hills, superb wildlife sanctuaries to clean, golden beaches and palm fringed backwaters. The placid beauty of Kerala’s southern Backwaters is something you […]

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