Digestive Problems: the most mismanaged health issue

treating heartburn indigestion with antacids

According to NIH.gov forty percent of American suffer from intermittent indigestion. Popping antacids may provide temporary relief but it certainly is not addressing the cause of the problem.

“Finding the cause and correct treatment most receive is doomed to fail if it involves Antacids or inhibiting drugs as well as those that just treat pain,”  says Dr. Neal Springer, who has successfully treated many Hollywood stars. “There are usually underlying factors when you have digestive problems like heartburn and constipation, gas and belching, stomach aches and bloating. These need to be discerned and addressed. Traditional drugs only get rid of inflammation and treat the symptoms.”

So what should we be doing to relieve our indigestion? Here is good advice from Dr. Springer:

Eat High-quality Food

Remove all processed foods, Genetically Modified Grains and veggies and eat hormone free meats would be a great way to start. Then eliminate grains containing the protein called gluten and avoid dairy products.  This change alone can do wonders for your  health.

Repair the Damage

Once you are on a good diet it’s necessary to replace the digestive enzymes, reinoculate (add back) the beneficial bacteria to reinforce the health of the whole body to have proper metabolism.

You can find more information about how to do this here


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