7 Things to Check If you Suffer from Headaches

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By Dr Neal Springer

We are bombarded by advertisements for pain killers that make it seem OK to take them every day. This is not a good idea at all.  I do understand that when you are in pain you want something that will alleviate the problem right now. But to keep doing that on a long term basis without finding the cause of the pain can lead to more serious health issues.

Headaches can be caused by many health conditions.  Here are 7 things to check if you suffer from regular headaches:

  1. Eliminate all possible triggers from your diet for at least two weeks. No refined carbohydrates, alcohol, fast-acting sugars, caffeine containing foods, hydrogenated fats and oils.  Also on the list to avoid are the main headache triggering foods – oranges, red meat, dairy, wheat and corn.   After two weeks introduce them again one-by-one and see if any of them cause the headache.
  2. See a good chiropractor and check for any possible structural problems (Cranial, TMJ, Spine)
  3. Rule out any glycemic problems (low blood sugar: do you feel worse if meals are delayed and better after eating? Check for Insulin resistance: do you crave sugar and caffeine/feel sleepy after eating.
  4. If digestive distress (nausea) causes the headache, check your gallbladder/liver function and low hydrochloric acid production from the stomach.
  5. If the headaches have been determined to be true migraine headaches and structural/dietary problems are not locus to the headaches, rule out both a magnesium and choline deficiency.
  6. If the headaches occur primarily in the morning and wear off as the day goes on, check your thyroid function.
  7. If the headaches occur with just a moderate amount of physical or psychological stress, check for any adrenal dysfunction.

This is by no means a complete list, but it is a good place to start.  And once you find the underlying cause of the headaches choose a natural remedy to handle the problem. When you find the cause of the headaches and correct it, you’ll have no need for those painkillers.

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